Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Singaporean Fried Black Pepper Crabs

Crabs, I don't know them and they definitely do not know me. The reason is maybe I never went to Karachi or never to a proper sea food restaurant. 

I am ghareeb aka poor. It's hard to dine out. I'm just messing I prefer to cook and take it as a challenge in fact.

I was always fascinated from crabs and lobsters so I thought I should finally give them a try and see where it goes. 

TO BE VERY HONEST till the end of this recipe I did not even know how to eat them but this is my very first attempt to crabs. As most of the dishes I have made and uploaded here are just experiments.

Take a good look at this face because this face is about to make Singaporean Fried Black Pepper Crabs.

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You need:

4 blue crabs

125 ml chicken stock

5 cm ginger cut in thin slices

4 garlic cloves crushed

60 ml soy sauce

60 ml oyster sauce

80 grams butter

Half bunch green onions

2 tablespoon sugar

Few thin sliced red chilies 

A tbsp of coriander leaves

Lightly crushed black pepper corns about 30 grams

& I don't even know how to eat crabs. LOLOLOLOLOL

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Heat 250 ml of oil in a pan on around 180°C. Cook crabs on both sides two minutes each. Cook them like it's your ex girlfriend's feelings.


After blue crabs turn to red, take them out and throw half of the oil out from the pan. THROW IT OUT!!!


Add pepper, ginger, garlic, half spring onions, half red chilies in the oil and fry for a minute till AROMATIC. YEAH! 

Aromatic is a very tough word but it has to do something with the smell.

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Now add butter, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar and chicken stock and simmer shimmer for a minute.

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Simmer shimmer once again for a minute. SHIMMY SHIMMY YA'LL !!!

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Add the crabs and cook for 4 more minutes or until the sauce is thick to your undisclosed desires

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So after doing something which I did not  have any clue of. The crabs were all done.

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Took me 15 minutes to figure how to eat these little monsters. PEOPLE I PRESENT! Singaporean Fried Black Pepper Crabs 

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REPEAT AND I REPEAT there is no salt in this recipe and so do not put any. K

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