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Lemony Chicken Kebabs Tomato Coriander Salad



Read the following while listening to the Game of Thrones season 6 finale's soundtrack.

To eat healthy or not to eat healthy that shouldn't even be a question for you fat self. YES THIS IS RUDE but using excuses like fat shaming and "OH I AM SO COMFORTABLE IN MY BODY BUT I WILL DIE FROM BLOOD PRESSURE/CHOLESTEROL" and not taking care of your health is also very rude.

Awaiting hate in 3 2 1...

Today's recipe is just as amazing as the last three entries in the "HEALTHY CHICKEN" series and it has only 6 ingredients. YES YOU HEARD IT RIGHT, not one more not one less but only 6 ingredients (or 6 major ingredients). Lemony Chicken Kebabs Tomato Coriander Salad is chicken grilled in a blend of lemon juice mixed with olive oil and seasoning. Accompanied by a salad that I thought would taste good but with the same ingredients used in marinating the chicken it taste amazing.


500 grams chicken boneless cut in 1.5 inch cubes

2 tablespoons of minced garlic (1.5 for chicken marination and .5 for salad)

2 tablespoons of dried oregano (1.5 for chicken marination and .5 for salad)

4 lemon's juice (3 for chicken marination and 1 for salad)

2.5 teaspoons salt (2 for chicken marination and .5 for salad)

2.5 teaspoons of crushed black pepper (2 for chicken marination and .5 for salad)

4 tablespoons of olive oil (3 for chicken marination and 1 for salad)

2 cup of coriander leaves

4 medium tomatoes chopped

Marinate the chicken cubes in salt, pepper, minced garlic, oregano, lemon juice and olive oil. 

Mix properly, with your hands and don't be afraid the chicken is dead and it doesn't bite.

Cover and refrigerate for 1-2 hours.

Meanwhile the chicken is being marinated we prepare our salad.

Chop the tomatoes and put it in a bowl.

Put the coriander leaves in the same bowl.

Now add salt, pepper, minced garlic, oregano, lemon juice and olive oil.

Mix it properly with a fork or a spoon.

There you go the salad is ready.

Time to grill the chicken.

Take out the grill pan and preheat it on low heat.

Brush some olive oil on it properly.

Put 4-5 chicken cubes on each bamboo skewer.

Turn the heat up to medium and start grilling.

4-6 minutes on each side until its all done.

To plate this kebab dish you need to make a bed of salad in a plate like this and serve the skewers on top.

500 grams of chicken will make up to 8 skewers.

I know you all love kebabs and I know you all are going to love this recipe as well. Make some noise for Lemony Chicken Kebabs Tomato Coriander Salad. Take care of your health please.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Laal Maas (Rajasthani Mutton)

"The one who doesn't love mutton the way I love it, should be exiled from this planet." - Lord Sufi Chef Shamsher

I really don't understand people when they tell me that they cab't eat mutton. WHY CAN'T YOU EAT MUTTON YOU MORON?

It's better than beef in Pakistan, gets digested easily, is less chewy than beef and it is so expensive that some people only get to eat it on Eid ul Azha.

The recipe that I'm about to tell you all is brought from Rajasthan, India (ENEMY COUNTRY ... JUST KIDDING) the culture of our country and India is so similar and that is mostly noted in the food. This recipe is called Laal Maas, Laal means 'red' and Maas means 'mutton'. You owe me some money now for this language lesson.

There is a bit of preparation to do before you start making this.

You need to soak 7-8 Kashmiri dry red chilies in warm water for 30-40 minutes and blend it in to a paste.

You need to chop 4 medium onions.

It is a bit of work but worth it trust me on this.


6-8 dried Kashmiri red chillies, soaked

750 grams mutton on the bone

½ cup yogurt

2 teaspoons cumin powder

2 teaspoons coriander powder

¼ teaspoon turmeric powder

2 tablespoons ginger garlic paste

4 tablespoons ghee

2 black cardamoms

3-4 green cardamoms

1 inch cinnamon stick

3-4 cloves

1 bay leaf

4 medium onions, finely chopped

½ teaspoon garam masala powder

Salt to taste

Coriander sprigs for garnish

Lemon wedge for garnish

For smoking 1 charcoal piece

First we need to marinate the mutton in yogurt, red chili paste we made, salt, coriander powder, turmeric, cumin powder and garam masala.

Now we heat 4 tablespoon ghee/clarified butter in a non stick pan and add the cinnamon stick, green cardamoms, cloves and black cardamoms.

Fry them until you can smell the heavenly aroma and then add chopped onions.

Saute then until they get brown and then add ginger garlic paste. Saute the ginger garlic paste properly.

Add the marinated mutton and cook it for 3 minutes on high heat or till it turns like the picture below.

Add sufficient water the the pan and bring it to a boil on high heat.

Let it boil for 5 minutes and then lower the heat. Cover the pan with the lid.

Simmer for 40-45 minutes but keep on checking often for if water run dry you add a bit  more until it is slow cooked completely.

Uncover and saute to make sure it is cooked.

Turn of the heat.

Meanwhile you heat up a coal and place it in a small steel bowl along with cloves.

Place that bowl in the middle of the pan and add a tablespoon of oil over it so it releases smoke.

Cover than pan for 5 minutes to add the smoky flavor to Laal Maas. Yes, THAT smoky flavor that comes from a burning heart, the heart that you break and I should shut my over dramatic self up.

Laal maas is ready to serve.

Garnish it with coriander sprigs and sliced lemon wedges. Eat this with Naan, roti or whatever you like. This is amazing indeed.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Greek Lemon Chicken & Potatoes



My favorite type of food is Chicken Sajji. I love it so much it is like number 3 on my most loved people/things list. The reason behind it is that it is a complete meal with Kabuli Pulao and some restaurants even serve it with Biryani rice.

BUT this is a healthy chicken recipe SO there won't be any rice. There will be JUST chicken and some baked potatoes. MOUTH WATERING ALREADY? HOLD UP.

I had my eye on this recipe for quite some time because it is close to Sajji but obviously the marination is foreign so it has a very different flavor. This recipe is called Greek Lemon Chicken & Potatoes.

A very few herbs and other seasonings will be used to make something extra ordinary which I had never tasted and enjoyed before.


1 whole chicken with skin on

3 peeled quartered potatoes

6 garlic cloves minced

1 tablespoon salt

1 teaspoon black pepper

1/2 teaspoon red chili powder

1/2 teaspoon sweet paprika

1 tablespoon dried oregano

1 teaspoon dried rosemary

1/2 cup lemon juice

1/4 cup olive oil or more

2/3 cup of chicken stock (half for baking and half to add later marinade)

It is really simple to make. The longest part is just the 45 minute baking.

All you need to do right now its to add the minced garlic into the chicken.

Add the dried oregano, rosemary, salt, black pepper, red pepper and paprika.

Add the olive oil and lemon juice.

Mix the marinade with the chicken properly so it is coated well.

Now you add the potatoes and give it a mix again and place everything in a deep baking tray.

Drizzle half of the chicken stock now over the chicken in  the baking tray and pour the rest of the marinade.

Preheat your oven on 425 degrees and put the chicken in it.

Let the chicken bake for 45 minutes and keep a frequent check on it just in case.

The chicken is done after 45 minutes.

Take out the chicken and pour the rest of the chicken stock in the tray and bake the potatoes for 10 minutes more.

The potatoes are also done now.

NOTE - if there is any left up marinade in the tray please pour it over the chicken and potaoes for extra flavor.

That's it, time to PLATE UP.

Ladies and gentlemen, if I ever replace Chicken Sajji, I will replace it with this uniquely flavored Greek Lemon Chicken & Potatoes.

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